Tank farms for pentane

Storing of such blowing agents as pentane and other flammable and explosively dangerous liquids represents a particular challenge. The difficulty of handling blowing agents requires particular solutions which must be individually aligned to the parameters of the media to be stored. H&S offers individually designed solutions for underground and aboveground storage systems for pentane which enable safe and reliable storage of blowing agents.

Basic and optional equipment for H&S storage tanks includes:

  • double-walled storage tank for underground location (or single-walled for aboveground location)
  • offloading equipment (filing shaft)
  • submerged pumps
  • detonation protection devices
  • leak detector
  • gas alarm system
  • overfilling protection device
  • continuous level indicator with remote indication
  • automatic valves
  • shut-off valves
  • pressure and temperature sensors
  • pipeline system incl. special double-walled pipelines for underground laying
  • wiring of the complete module
  • control cabinet with modern and high-performance Siemens SPS