Tank farms

H&S Anlagentechnik supplies turnkey storage tanks for polyols, isocyanates, resins and pentane. We provide customer support which extends from the planning stage to the final commissioning of the new equipment. We also offer regular maintenance of the systems and careful induction training for staff.

The modular method of construction used facilitates our storage tanks to be individually adapted to suit specific customer conditions and requirements. The variable sizes and models available enable the storage tanks to be easily integrated into existing plants and adapted on an individual basis to suit the spatial conditions on site.

Cost efficiency

The challenges of global competition are increasing. Our storage tank systems help our customers to meet these challenges by facilitating good-value procurement of raw materials whilst also reducing the costly material losses occasioned by unused residual materials and removing the expensive necessity of disposing of empty drums and containers. This provides an effective way for our customers to cut costs and enjoy greater independence from the fluctuations on the raw material markets. The avoidance of disruptions to the work process caused by reloading or exchanging drums also increases the efficiency of the production process.

Storage stability

The quality of the raw materials used is a particularly important factor in the manufacture of polyurethane products. H&S storage tank systems provide opportunities for the stable storage of polyurethane components within closed systems. Raw materials stored in this way are afforded effective protection against external influences in the form of temperature fluctuations or humidity and are monitored on an ongoing basis to check key factors such as temperature and pressure. Integrated trace heating, insulation or heat exchanger systems guarantee the compliance with the prescribed storage conditions at all times.


Handling raw materials in a clean and safe manner is of high importance for a company‘s staff as well as for the external image it portrays. H&S develops sophisticated safety concepts for its equipment which it implements in accordance with the relevant statutory provisions. We take care of any water licences required in our capacity as a registered specialist company pursuant to §19 of the German Water Resources Act (WHG).

Our engineers have undergone specialist training in fire and explosion protection at the German Technical Inspection Agency (TÜV). In addition to this, the H&S manufacturing plant is also in possession of higher level proof of suitability pursuant to German Standard DIN 18800 and is registered in accordance with German Standard DIN 8563. A monitoring agreement with the TÜV is also in place. We are adjusting our safety precautions interna- tionally according to the local standards (e.g. ASME).

Electronic control systems

Our electronic control units enable our customers to retain full control over raw materials stored at all times. All processes are automatically protocolled and escalated to superordinate management systems as required. Processes may also be visualised and evaluated over longer periods of time.

Delivery and assembly

H&S storage tank systems are supplied in the form of pre-fabricated modules. This ensures simple and rapid installation on site, whether above or below ground or whether free-standing or as an integrated part of a complete solution. All storage tank modules are installed in a tested collection basin which fulfils the most stringent safety standards.