Recycling reactors for end of life mattresses

For the first time, an industrially-suitable chemical procedure including the associated process technology and system concept is available for producing recovered polyols from PU end-of-life mattresses - a solution which offers significant economic and ecological advantages.

Technology developed by H&S is targeting to be one of the most sustainable direction as it helps to decrease landfill and incineration streams. Moreover it enables winning back valuable raw materials and produce new PU products like insulation panels and other rigid PU foam products with excellent quality performance in conjunction with decrease of their manufacturing costs. The manufacturing costs of recovered polyol are at least 35% lower than the market price of virgin polyols for PIR/PUR insulation foams. Annual amount of recovered polyol which can be generated in H&S industrial reactor makes approx. 2,500 tons and enables to convert 1,000 t/a of foam residues