The adoption of a responsible approach towards natural resources is rapidly gaining in significance in today‘s business environment. Social and societal responsibility are becoming a yardstick via which corporate success is measured. At the same time, however, companies are faced with rising raw material prices and increasing cost pressures. H&S Anlagentechnik develops opportunities for the efficient generation of polyols out of polyurethane, residues PET and PA. The unique market combination of plant construction and chemical technology we are able to offer enables us to provide our customers with equipment concepts which are of considerable interest in both economic and ecological terms and which are capable of individual adaptation to meet the specific requirements of each individual company.

H&S reactors are completely automated and easy to operate. Recipe management allows to save different recipes, record the results and control each part of the equipment. The control system includes traceability function for all batches what makes the production control more observable. The whole concept of H&S reactors enable high production efficiency due to reproducible quality, process safety, intelligent control system and excellent quality management.

Advantages of the H&S technologies:

  • reduction of the manufacturing costs
  • excellent quality of the PU foam produced with recovered polyols
  • perfect solution for industrial scrap utilization
  • competitive advantages in the market
  • independence from supply chains
  • best way of implementing enterprise sustainability concept