Being an innovative and competent company in the field of chemical recycling of the PU waste as well as generating polyester polyols based on PET, PA and natural oils H&S owes a Research & Development Center which is located in the city of Wildau (near Berlin).

The main activities of H&S R&D department are dedicated to the development of the technological processes and recipes of the recovered polyols, virgin polyester polyols as well as PU foam formulations for all kinds of the PU applications. H&S R&D center is equipped with pilot reactors with capacities of 90L, 320L and 700L where all developed processes can be simulated offering a perfect upscaling possibility when adjusting the industrial scale processes. The reactors are also being used for generating polyol samples for H&S customers when it is necessary to test the material on the production line. The laboratory is fitted out with all necessary labware for analysing the parameters of the polyols as well as modern and precise devices for testing the physical and mechanical properties of the PU foams.

H&S service and support in the field of chemical developments for its customers includes:

  • testing of the customers PU foam residues samples
  • producing of the polyol samples from flask up to industrial scale in the pilot reactors
  • foaming tests and analysing the foam physical and mechanical properties
  • adjusting the parameters of the polyol according to customers’ requirements and specifications
  • developing and adjusting of the formulations for PU foam based on polyester polyols and recovered polyols
  • comprehensive consultations in all PU issues
  • training of the customers personnel by H&S chemists within the framework of common projects
  • long-term customer support during presale, start-up and production period