Prepolymer reactors

Generating prepolymers is a complex task which requires very precise control of the process conditions and parameters like temperature, pressure, agitation etc. Most of the raw materials which are necessary for producing prepolymers are sensitive and need special pre-treatment before being processed like melting, heating, cold storing, special way of dosing etc. H&S offers a comprehensive reactor systems including all necessary equipment for storage and pre-treatment of the raw materials, controlling devices and filling stations for packaging of the ready pre-polymers in tanks, drums, buckets or containers.

Basic and optional equipment for H&S prepolymer reactors includes:

  • reactor vessel from 1m³ to 35 m³ with half-pipe jacket
  • safety trough for protection in case of leakage
  • insulation with mineral wool and aluminium cladding
  • specially designed agitator for optimal homogenizing the material
  • pumps (with magnetic coupling for MDI)
  • vacuum pump (if required)
  • distillation column (if required)
  • heating unit: electrical or gas, heating medium: oil or hot water (depending on the process temperature)
  • cooling unit (air cooling or chiller)
  • filling lines for raw materials incl. pumps and valves (heated if required),
    mass flow meters
  • rupture disc or safety valves for protection the reactor vessel against overpressure and negative pressure
  • automatic valves
  • shut-off valves
  • weighing cells
  • overfilling protection device
  • temperature sensors in all relevant points
  • pressure sensors in all relevant points
  • pipeline system, insulated and heated
  • wiring of the complete module
  • control cabinet with modern and high-performance Siemens SPS and PC, with operator friendly controlling functions and recipe management