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  • H&S has put into operation a polyester polyol synthesis plant

H&S has put into operation a polyester polyol synthesis plant


Sulingen – May 20th, 2020 H&S Anlagentechnik GmbH - H&S is proud to announce a successful launching into operation of its industrial scale polyester polyol synthesis plant at the biggest manufacturer of PUR/PIR sandwich panels in Russia – ProfHolod. The unit was delivered and installed on time. The most up-to-date reactor installation and process technology developed by H&S enables ProfHolod to generate their own high quality polyester polyols which completely meet modern market requirements and provide unique competitive advantages to the company. This is already the second successfully realized project with H&S long-term partner ProfHolod after the introduction of installation for polyol blending in 2016. ProfHolod is the first Russian company which has implemented in-house manufacturing of polyester polyols which sets a new market trend and leads to import dependence reduction. 

“The H&S polyester synthesis plant is a fusion of experience, quality and modern technology. This is the ideal solution for the development of ProfHolod’s production capabilities.
It is also important that H&S technical solutions enable us to fully automate the synthesis process. H&S chemists and technologists helped us to set up all stages of the production process in such a way that the product always have reproducible quality, the level of which meets international standards. As a result, we have got not just a reactor, but one of the most advanced polyester polyol plants in the world - and we can continue to improve our PIR Premier system. We would like to express special gratitude to H&S specialists for their excellent work. ” – said Danil Matasov, Head of the Polyols Synthesis Workshop – Profholod.

 “Our contribution towards the projects, which are targeting to develop the Russian polyurethane insulation materials market, has always been one of our company’s priorities. The polyester polyols project realized by a manufacturer of sandwich panels for their own needs is currently unique, and we are pleased with the results of its successful implementation by the market leader ProfHolod, which pays serious attention to innovative approaches and groundbreaking ideas in the PU thermal insulation industry.” – pointed out Mila Skokova, Product & Sales Manager - H&S Anlagentechnik.



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