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The demands made on companies are growing. Globalising markets, increasing competition, more discerning consumers and changing legal regulations all require innovative solutions and a particular performance capacity. This is why we are developing the opportunities to facilitate efficient production, a high degree of flexibility and speed, sustainable use of natural resources and high quality product manufacture. For our customers, this means that H&S Anlagentechnik provides specific added value and realises significant advantages over the competition - now and in the future.


Our storage tanks guarantee the storage of raw materials under stable and controlled conditions. This facilitates efficient procurement and avoids unnecessary costs caused by residual amounts and disposal..

Mixing and metering

Our mixing, metering and formulation systems make our customers more independent of fluctuating raw materials markets and increase the flexibility of production. Closed cycles also minimise the risk to humans and nature.

Recycling and refinement

Our reactors for the recycling of polyurethanes (rigid and soft foams) and PET residues bring about a significant reduction in the raw material costs of our customers and facilitate the sustainable and environmentally friendly use of natural resources. The outstanding quality of the basic properties of the polyols recovered also means that further processing is easily possible.