Blending stations

H&S blending stations enable the fully automated mixing of components according to your own recipes. Our highly reliable systems use continuous and discontinuous procedures to formulate polyol blends. This facilitates the easy processing of various additives, catalysts, blowing agents and solids. Accurate weighing cells on the blending tanks used for discontinuous operations and the flow meters on the continuous mixing stations guarantee the production of high-quality polyol blends for both large and small batches.

The modular method of construction used for H&S mixing, metering and formulating equipment means that the plants can be deployed for individual tasks as well as within the scope of complete solutions. H&S offers detailed consultancy services to its customers and takes on overall responsibility for management and implementation of the respective projects. This enables us to provide bespoke solutions which meet the individual requirements of our customers.


Our mixing and metering equipment operates on a continuous and batch basis and provides the perfect complement to our storage tank systems. This guarantees the cost-effective and environmentally friendly handling of raw materials from delivery to the end product. In-house blending provides you with the following technical benefits.

  • The greatest possible metering accuracy and intensive mixing of raw materials
  • Automated processes deliver the highest level of process reliability
  • Consistent quality
  • Precise temperature control of the raw materials
  • Enhanced process reliability via visualisation of the processes
  • Intelligent recipe management
  • Modular method of construction

Monitoring and control

All process parameters are fully monitored via an electronic PLC control system and a proprietary process management system. The precise regulation of pressure, temperature, flow and stirrer settings guarantees high metering accuracy and outstanding mix intensity. The detailed recording of all process parameters facilitates the manufacture of polyol blends of consistently high quality. The whole process can also be visualised via an equipment flow diagram which displays all parameter and valve settings.

Flexibility and security

New opportunities for the in-house formulation of high-quality polyol blends mean that our customers enjoy greater independence from fluctuations on the raw material markets. This allows them to react much more quickly and flexibly to the various requirements of their own customers and enables them to raise their production performance. In addition to this, in-house formulation of polyol blends makes it possible to achieve savings of up to 20% on raw materials procurement. This represents a real economic benefit for our customers.

H&S mixing and metering modules can be easily integrated into existing plants. This facilitates risk-free processing of the raw materials within a closed system.